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Most of domestic Automatic Pipe Galvanizing Lines in Korea were exclusively supplied under technical and sales agreement with Japan maker.

General features of the line

  • Automated process with easy and safe line operation
  • Suitable to produce high-grade products having uniform plating layer
  • Optimum to mass production

Line Process

  • Oil Degreasing
    • Removes grease or oil from inside and outside of pipes
  • Washing
    • Washes oil degreasing solution with warm water
  • Acid Pickling
    • Removes rust from inside and outside of pipe surface
  • Washing
    • Washes acid with warm water
  • Fluxing
    • After washing, coats of pipes with anticorrosive and catalystic solution
  • Drying
    • Dries pipes with hot air
  • Dipping & Galvanizing
    • Dips pipes one by one into zinc kettle and galvanizing inside and outside of pipes with melted zinc
  • Withdrawing
    • Pulls out pipes from the zinc kettle one by one or multiple at once
  • Blowing
    • Blows inside and outside of pipes with saturated steam for uniformed thickness of galvanized zinc
  • Air Cooling
    • Cools down pipe temperature heated by hot zinc with ambient air
  • Water Cooling
    • Cools down the pipe temperature with water to ambient temperature
  • Drying & Stacking
    • Dries pipes with ambient air and stacking into pipe pocket