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Company Outline

WonJin Industrial Co., Ltd.

Since our company, Wonjin Industrial Company Limited, was founded in 1984, we have been leading in designing, making and delivering the Tube Mill Lines, Slitting Lines, Forming Mill Lines, Pipe Galvanizing Lines and its auxiliary equipment to domestic and worldwide market.

By thanks to the encouragement sent from our customers in the past 34 years, we could continue the growth and supply more than 100 sets of tube mill lines and more than 300 items of auxiliary equipment to overseas such as America, Japan, Germany, Southeast Asia, Middle East Asia and South Africa as well as domestic market including 5 big tube manufacturing company.

We deeply appreciate and will repay customers by supplying the developed and experienced products.

Main Products

  • Tube Mill Line
  • Slitting Line
  • Forming Mill Line
  • Pipe Galvanizing Line
  • Straitening Machine
  • Pipe-end Facing Machine
  • Automatic Bundling M/C
  • Hydrostatic Machine
  • Coil Accumulator
  • Varnish Coating & Painting M/C
  • Saw Grinding Machine