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Tube Mill Part

Today’s customers, differently from the customers in the past, demand more developed high quality and easy to use tube mills. To fulfill their request, our company has been maintained the quality by keeping standard manufacturing process principle and high precision in making the mills as well as entry and finishing equipment, and developing elevated productivity in manufacturing tubes and pipes with method of time saving such as quick tooling change.

Classification of Tube Mill Lines (Welding Method)

  • ERW Method
  • TIG Method
  • Plasma-TIG Method

Additional Functions of Tube Mill Line (Optional)

  • Quick Tooling Change (QTC) Method
    • Cassette-Bed Change Method
      • Advantageous to the tube mill line for small-diameter
      • Advantageous to the tube mill line needed frequent roll change
    • Cassette-shaft Change Method
      • Advantageous to the tube mill line for medium diameter or larger pipes
  • Driving Metod
    • Driving by Worm Gearbox Group
      • Suitable to the tube mill line for small and medium diameter pipes
      • The most popular method
    • Individual Driving
      • Suitable for medium and large diameter tube mill
      • Suitable to the tube mill lines to produce heavy gauge pipe
    • Driving by Camwalth Gearbox
      • Used by the tube mill lines for small-diameter and thin pipes
      • Low price
  • Others
    • In addition to above optional functions, it is possible to design and manufacture the tube mill lines that have various functions according to the customer’s requirements.
      Especially, we are supplying advanced tube mill line by adopting the state-of-art FFX-MILL, which is developed by NAKATA, Japan, to meet today’s customers leveled up technical requirements.