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Personnel Setup

Our company’s personnel setup is composed of only engineers except management department. Especially the design department is organized with engineers who have 20 years or more experience in the field of tube mill project and excellent ability to control the whole project from layout design to part drawing. Moreover, we do design gearboxes, which is very important part of the tube mill line but other tube mill makers can’t do it, by ourselves and we can make the gearboxes optimized for tube mill line.

President Mr. Won also has a deep and wide knowledge with specialized experience in designing various machinery as well as tube mill plant for more than 30 years, therefore overall control for designing and manufacturing is very smooth and systematic differently from our competitors.

Wonjin has optimized for technical development by controlling all departments with effective and systematic environment, and developed our products and served our customers from customer’s point of view.

We will repay our customers with the best products and do the best to be the world’s best in the field of coil processing industry.