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2015 04 Completed the 2nd factory in Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do (Factory space : 11,500m ², Floor space : 4,600m ²)
2012 11 Joined Incheon Vision Corporation. Incheon Vision Business Association
10 Reassignment of CLEAN workplace. Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency
09 Award Proud Enterpreneur Award in Incheon Metropolitan City. Incheon Metropolitan Mayor
2010 06 Established R & D Center. Korea Industrial Technology Association
03 Registered Utlity model of roll forming machine. Korea Patent Office
2008 06 Designated as a promising export company. Small and Medium Business Adminstration
05 Designated as IBK FAMILY Company. Industrial Bank of Korea
2004 8 Designated of CLEAN business place. Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency
2001 10 Registered a patent for rotary looper. Korea Patent Office
1998 12 Developed coil storage device (ROTARY Looper) Patented 6 standards 17 models Korea Patent Office
02 Selected as a promising export company. Small and Medium Business Corporation
1996 12 Designated as a superior small and medium business. Small and Medium Business Bank
1995 11 Designated alternative service company for military service. Military Manpower Administration
1994 11 Received 1 Million Dollar Export Tower and Merit Award
1993 04 Repoprt of trade business. Trade association
1990 10 Moved headquarters and factory to newly built Incheon factory (Factory space : 2,644m ² , Floor space : 2,342m ²
1988 05 Established Wonjin Industrial Co., Ltd. And merged Wonjin Technology Trading Company
1985 04 Report Trade Agency. Trade Agency Association
1984 10 Wonjin Technical Teading Company established (Head office : Yeongdeunpo, Seoul, Factory : Bucheon, Gyronggi-do